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Custom Human Resources Portal Development

You can automate your entire HR operations effectively with a well-designed, modern, technology-based HR portal. We provide all parts of the HR portal development process from start to finish. Our technology stack is strong, and we have extensive experience across industries and systems integration.

Develop a Custom Human Resource Portal With Us


Development Process

We guide you through all project phases using our full-cycle development process, including requirements specification, product design, UX/UI, graphic design, implementation, quality assurance, and deployment.


Tech Stack

We create secure, fast, and robust human resource portals using the latest technologies. Our team always finds the best solution for each project.


With Other Systems

Is there any other custom system or third-party application you utilize? If so, we can integrate them with your new Human Resources portal.


Cross-device &
Responsive Solution

The reusability of code is one of our main concerns when designing and developing human resource portals. In addition to running in an internet browser, the portal code can be used for desktop and mobile applications.


Iterative Development

Our company strongly believes in agile, iterative development. New versions are released every 2-3 weeks, which allows us to respond quickly to users' feedback and needs. As a result, time to market is shortened significantly, and overall, users are happier.


& Maintenance

We will continue to support and maintain your HR portal after it is launched to remain relevant in the future.

HR Portals have the following main features:
  • Management of recruitment
  • The On-boarding process and Information Management
  • Management of performance
  • Management of expenses and reimbursements
  • Accounting & Payroll Management
Why are we unique and exclusive? We offer end-to-end solutions for HR, ATS, and recruitment software.

In addition to developing HR software solutions, we also provide control of overall hiring, application tracking, and job management processes.

We streamline recruitment procedures for recruiters, HR companies, and hiring teams by building job portals. BestPeers develops ATS software that enhances candidate management and keeps track of all job-related activities. We work with advanced ATS such as iCIMS and Oracle Taleo.